Pacifica Marine Vinyl: Toughness and Strength for Commercial Upholstery

Pacifica Marine Vinyl is the ideal material for use as commercial upholstery today. Its strength, resilience and durability make this type of vinyl a very practical and cost-effective choice for upholstering furniture and accessories that receive daily wear-and-tear in business settings and communal areas used by the public. This brand of marine vinyl gives the pleasing visual effect of finely grained leather and is available in an attractive variety of fashionable, bold colour variations.

Adding lasting style and functionality to company offices, factories, schools, public buildings and many other commercial settings, this sturdy, dependable plasticized fabric is constantly increasing in popular use for indoor and outdoor upholstery material. This is also perfect for marine boating and commercial places like restaurants, libraries, cafe and hotels.

Whether you want to recover office furniture or seating in your company’s outdoor entertainment area, this brand of marine vinyl is an excellent choice.

Pacifica Marine Vinyl for Attractive, Durable and Resilient Upholstery Fabric

When you select Pacifica Marine Vinyl as upholstery material for refurbishing your business office furniture, your hotel, your company’s outdoor terrace seating areas, your marine boat, your restaurant or cafe and your showroom reception room furnishings, you will gain the following benefits:

• Excellent Use Under Harsh Conditions.
 – This sturdy, long-lasting marine vinyl fabric is manufactured to withstand all types of harsh weather and environmental conditions. If your business office or showroom is a very busy place in which the furnishings receive heavy-duty daily usage, this marine vinyl will outlast many other types of upholstery material. If you choose this brand of marine vinyl fabric to recover your company’s outdoor entertainment area furnishings, it will withstand harsh, stormy weather and extreme temperatures.

• Resistance to Fire, Stains, Mould and Mildew. – When used as upholstery material for your business setting, this brand of sturdy vinyl will provide you will upholstery fabric that resists fire damage and is also resistant to staining, mould and mildew. You can upholster furniture in your entire office and all adjoining outdoor areas with this strong, resilient marine vinyl with the assurance that you will benefit from its qualities of durability and damage resistance.

• Longevity and UV Stability. – Pacifica Marine Vinyl offers the valuable properties of longevity and UV stability when used as indoor and outdoor upholstery fabric. You can cover your indoor and outdoor office furnishings with this sturdy vinyl material knowing that it will provide long-term use while retaining its fresh, new appearance. Because it is resistant to UV damage, this vinyl fabric will not fade or streak like many other fabrics do when exposed to direct sunlight.

When you consult our experts at Rosebery Fabrics located in Rosebery and serving all of Sydney, NSW and surrounding regions, you will receive excellent advice concerning the use of Pacifica Marine Vinyl for all your commercial, indoor and outdoor upholstery needs. Our highly experienced professionals know the true value of marine vinyl as a long-lasting, attractive and practical textile selection for upholstery needs of all types of business settings. Contact Rosebery Fabrics experts today for the ultimate quality advice and selections of Pacifica Marine Vinyl.

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