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Rosebery Fabrics- Get Fabrics to Add Comfort, Texture and Style to Your Home

Here at Rosebery Fabrics, we sell an eclectic and diverse range of interior cushions. We pride ourselves on our design integrity and attention to detail. Our cushions are made locally using only the highest quality fabric from a range of both Australian and European textile designers. We co-ordinate and mix different fabrics manufactured by leading companies around the world to create the right look and feel for both residential and commercial spaces.

We’ve curated and designed custom made cushions for commercial spaces including bars, restaurants, pubs, cafes and hotels. Our team is made up of knowledgeable individuals who have travelled the globe to understand the manufacturing process of fabric and the supply chain it involves. Our love for fabric and quality materials ensures the cushions we make are of high quality and comfort.

The fabrics we sell are perfect for creating different indoor and outdoor cushions, including the likes of seat cushions, back cushions, scatter cushions, decorative cushions and chair pads. Cushions are used as decorative pieces to soften the home while adding comfort in all living, dining, bedroom and office spaces. Whether you’re after a subtle and subdued fabric or something more outlandish and bold, we’ve got you covered with our extensive range of plain, printed and textured fabric for all your interior cushion requirements.

Our outdoor cushions and exterior cushion fabrics are just as comprehensive, where we sell an extensive range of materials that lend themselves to the Australian climate. We make cushions that are specifically designed for outdoor living, meaning the fabric we use is UV resistant, withstanding up to 500 hours of sunlight before fading. With the use of quality materials, we guarantee that the versatility offered by our outdoor and interior cushions is only matched to their durability. Our outdoor fabrics are both soil and stain-resistant, as well as water and oil repellent.

To maintain the life of any outdoor cushion, bring it indoors when not in use. Cushions can be easily cleaned by wiping down or hand washing with warm water and a mild soap solution, simply rinse with clear water to prevent dirt from embedding itself into the fabric.

Upholstery fabrics are generally heavier than apparel fabrics meaning the yarn is thicker and the weave is tighter. When you visit our site you will find an individual description for each cushion along with all the fabric details. All fabrics are available to purchase by the meter allowing you to mix and match different colours and styles according to your needs. In many cases, two types of fabrics perfectly blend to create depth to one’s space. As we always say, “There is no limit to what you can imagine.” So, if you’re looking to purchase the best quality cushions, then look no further. Contact us today.

Why do our clients prefer us?

With us, ordering the right cushion is simple. You can choose from our ever-changing ranges, or, with the help of our friendly staff, select the fabric you want and we will do the rest.

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