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Fabrics on Sale

Buy the best fabric online in Australia

We have various Sunbrella and industrial canvas for sale. There will be more added every week

At Rosebery Fabrics, we stock the finest fabrics and have a vast inventory for our clients to choose from.Our products are available both online and in stores. We also train our sewers by offering them the friendliest classes to learn the art at every level. We also offer them expert suggestions that help them bring their creations to life.

A treasure trove for one and all

Our clients always trust us when they are looking to buy fabric. Our store is a veritable source of delight for sewers, crafters, quilters, and creators. In this case, much of the credit goes to our unmatched reserves of luscious fabrics, friendly services, and fabulous classes. Since we sell online, it means that our clients can now buy our products. We have an eclectic range that comprises some of the most popular designers you can find in Australia. Apart from fabrics, we offer some of the finest sewing accessories and machines.

We give our clients what they want

Therefore, they choose us when they buy fabric in Australia. We have unmatched variety. This includes some of the finest handmade pieces that anyone would ever come across. They can easily buy our products for themselves, for people they love, or for their own sewing business. Our designs and fabrics are as gorgeous as any. They also suit all the creative requirements that our clients may have in this context. Apart from being of superior quality, our designs are unique.

A few reasons to buy from us

There are so many reasons we are the best destination to buy the best fabric in Australia only from us. First, we offer 30-day returns. This means that if they are not happy with what they have bought, they can return it to us within that timeframe and get their money back. We do not ask questions in these cases. We also ship our orders every day and target delivering the orders within a couple of business days after placing the initial order. We also have a flat shipping fee that is highly manageable.

We have the most amazing fabrics

We have the most fantastic range of fabrics. Over here we sell our products from half metres. This makes it ideal for people who only have minor requirements. Our clients can always visit our website to browse through our immense selection of fabrics in various designs, including the most prominent floral ones. We have plenty of stunning designs, bases, and colours to select from. Our clients can be sure that they would get unique designs at our store as well as online.
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