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Explore Warwick’s Beautiful Fabric Collection at Rosebery Fabrics

Rosebery Fabrics is a leading business dealing in varying types of fabrics. Warwick Fabrics has always been a popular choice for clients who seek to buy fabric from us. We have been offering premium quality fabrics to individuals and businesses for years. We strive to provide customers with the best materials to fulfill their needs and Warwick fabrics are a high-quality, budget-friendly option. We have access to the full range of Warwick materials where we continue to push the boundaries in terms of price and advice.


Over the years we have gained experience in the fields of upholstery and textiles. This has allowed us to source and supply a continuous array of fabrics to various individuals and industries. We have been using the fabrics from Warwick fabrics for our personal upholstery projects for 8 years and can wholeheartedly recommend their materials. Our skilled team of creative’s offers genuine advice to our customers, ensuring that the fabric they choose is the right fabric for them. The collection of Warwick fabrics at Rosebery Fabrics keeps up to date with the latest styles and trends in textiles. We know what looks good. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to style interiors and outdoor spaces, which takes the pressure off you.

The Material

With a combination of contrast colours and patterns, our fabric collection from Warwick meets the expectations of everyone who buys them. We sell a range of upholstery grade materials including beautiful velvets, heavy weight linens, cotton, wool, and outdoor acrylic materials. Our collection of versatile fabrics means we can promise innovation and style. Warwick fabrics can be classed into the following categories: Drapery, light domestic, general domestic, heavy domestic/general commercial, and heavy commercial. With our knowledge and expertise, we will help choose the right fabric to suit your needs. Warwick Fabrics can be used endlessly for a wide variety of applications. Create headboards, cushions, and toss pillows. Upholster chairs, sofas, footstools, seats, and ottomans.

The Ranges

We have been using the fabrics from Warwick within our personal upholstery business for 8 years. We’re incredibly familiar with the upholstery ranges and drapery ranges Warwick has to offer. One of our favorite Velvet Upholstery ranges is the Lovely Range. Soft and sophisticated, the Lovely range is the perfect fusion of luxury and strength. Lovely is finished with a printed overlay to give a subtle mottled painterly feel. This range features an extensive colour palette to enrich any interior. Soft muted tones of blue, green, neutral, and reds work well in any residential or commercial space. The Lovely Velvet range is heavy weight material suitable for an array of velvet upholstery applications. We have used this range to create the ‘Lovely Headboard’ – A King size dream. The Lovely Headboard upholstered in the Lovely Velvet Range by Warwick Fabrics has been individually upholstered to fit the overall bed frame size that is a King. Soft, comfortable, and sturdy, this bedhead is unique in both its design and aesthetic. Colours include muted tones of blue, pink, and Green. Visit the Lovely Headboard Here.


Rosebery Fabrics excel in providing the best-in-class services to their customers. Our range of Warwick Fabrics includes anything from contemporary prints to old classics. As the #1 company dealing in the Warwick Fabric, we genuinely commit to offering our customers the best prices. With so many companies in the market, it becomes difficult for clients to choose the right company to purchase from. Our competitive prices are what separates us from the rest. Individuals rely on our services and us.

Why choose us?

While we provide an immense collection and range of fabrics, here are a few reasons why industry creatives prefer our services to other fabric providers.

  • We have a range of fabrics to suit a variety of applications- both indoor and outdoor.
  • Quality materials that ensure durability in the long run
  • Class services to ensure customer satisfaction.

If you are looking to invest in a high-quality fabric at an affordable price then look no further. Connect with the team at Rosebery Fabrics where we have full access to all of Warwick Fabrics' collections. Please email with your fabric choice and we will be very competitive on price.

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