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Explore the beautiful fabric collection at Rosebery Fabrics

Rosebery Fabrics – The Most Suitable Outdoor Fabrics for Australia

Warwick Entice Velvet is commercial grade with 150,000 high martindale rubs ideal for commercial projects with high traffic. This velvet has a lovely deep pile with a great Colour palette. Warwick Augustus wool is a commercial grade fabric with 95000 high martindale rubs ideal for high traffic areas. This heavy wool is 150cm in width with a great colour palette. Rosebery Fabrics is a leading company dealing in varying styles of fabrics. Warwick fabrics are the first choice of customers who seek to buy fabric from us. We have been offering premium quality fabrics to the industries for decades. Our team strives to provide the customers with the best materials to fulfil the industry specialists’ ever-reversing needs in the global market. We have an extensive collection of fabrics and continue to push the boundaries. Our excellent services and the quality of the materials we provide helped us establish a firm base in this industry and made people rely on us for their fabric needs.


We have years of experience in the field with a continuous supply of fabrics to various industries. Our skilled team offers genuine advice to the customers to ensure that our fabrics fit perfectly to their specific needs. The collection of Warwick fabrics at Rosebery Fabrics keeps up with the latest styles and trends of fabrics. Our team knows which fabric will look best and the colour that will complement the style. With a combination of contrast colours and patterns, our fabric collection meets the expectations of everyone who buys them.


Rosebery fabrics excel in providing best-in-class services to the customers. Our collection range includes contemporary & fashion-forward weaves as well as classic prints. We have budget-friendly fabric options in a variety of designs. As the #1 company dealing in Warwick fabric collection, we genuinely commit to offering our customers the best prices. With so many companies in the market, it becomes difficult for customers to choose the right fabric company for themselves. Well, our competitive price is what makes customers rely on us and our services. No customer would want to spend more when they have budget-friendly options before them.

Intricate designs

Rosebery Fabrics is known for its velvet upholstery fabric in demand, especially among top industry specialists. Our fabric collection of intricate designs goes well for any specific needs and fulfils the promise of innovation now and soon. Our fabric collection enhances the visual appeal with beautiful colour contrasts in different patterns and styles. The fabric collection at Rosebery fabrics evolved to change the fabric trends with the best quality fabric one could ever ask for.

Why choose us?

While we provide our customers with an immense collection of a range of fabrics, our customers look for the reasons to choose us. Well, let us give a few reasons why industry specialists must prefer our services over fabric provider:
  • A range of fabrics to choose from available in varying styles.
  • Fabrics in beautiful colour combinations that complement the theme of the space.
  • Availability of Fabric collection in the customer’s budget.
  • Quality materials that ensure durability in the long run
  • Class services to ensure customer satisfaction.
If you are looking for a range of fabrics within a small budget, and to invest in quality fabric materials with exceptional patterns, connect with the team at Rosebery Fabrics. Here you can explore the beautiful range of fabrics. We have full access to all of the Warwick fabric collection. Please call us on 02 9318 0199 or email with your fabric choice and we will be very competitive on price.
  • Our outdoor fabric comes with the best UV (ultraviolet) resistance
  • Our printed outdoor fabric comes in a wide range of colours and styles
  • We also offer some of the best prices in this regard in the country
  • We offer these fabrics in materials such as olefin and woven polyester

Our Fabrics are durable yet beautiful

The fabrics by Rosebery are extra strong, durable and are able to withstand ongoing daily wear and stress, as they are made using heavier weight threads, linen and weaves. These properties make it able to withstand exposure to high temperatures. These are some of the temperature control benefits that Rosebery Fabrics offers:
  • They are UV resistance. Our clients would get the best UV resistance from our acrylic outdoor fabric that can offer a minimum of 2 years of such resistance.
  • They can use such products for furniture that have maximum exposure to the harsh and unforgiving Australian sun.
  • We also offer our clients sling fabrics that they can use if they wish to replace the bottoms and backs of their patio and lawn furniture.
  • Our Linen upholstery fabrics have the outdoor treatment applied to them, so they are ideal for outdoor applications while still holding their delicate, natural appearance.

We offer the best products in terms of quality

When our clients buy outdoor fabrics from us, they can be sure that they are getting the best quality in town. The following are the reasons why:
  • They can easily use our fabrics for various applications, such as chair pads and cushion covers, to name a few
  • We offer fabric products that they can use in all environments such as within the home, in their work areas, and the outdoors
  • We have a fabric design range for all our clients

We offer our clients the best range out there

At Rosebery Fabrics, we offer a wide range of outdoor and linen upholstery fabric for different interior design requirements. The following are some other salient features of our products:
  • We specialise in offering our clients outdoor fabric products that they can use in a variety of applications such as outdoor crafting projects
  • We offer the best designs in our fabrics, such as floral and geometric patterns
  • Our selection is affordable
  • We also offer our clients the best fabric in terms of quality
This is the reason why we always ask people to visit our website and check out our exceptional and excellent range. Basically, we make sure that they get a full return on the money that they invest in us.

Our products are durable with luxurious look

Our outdoor fabrics are the most luxurious that our clients would ever find. The combination is absolutely incredible when one comes to think of it. We offer our clients commercial-quality products. We design them specifically, keeping in mind outdoor living. Despite all this excellence, our products are simple as well. We also offer these fabrics in such colour palettes that they reflect the most natural form of the fabric. Our collection provides our clients with the ultimate comfort, and this is the reason why they go nowhere else.

Firm base

Our customers love to purchase fabrics from us as they have quality assurance from our side. Through our excellent quality collection, we established a firm base in the fabric industry. Here are some convincing reasons why we lead in the industry.
  • An affordable fabric collection of floral prints
  • Extensive collection range that is available in varying colours
  • Quality fabrics that last long
  • Fabrics with enhancing the beauty of the room through their feminine motif.
Are you looking to buy floral print fabrics from the best company dealing in fabrics? Want to purchase affordable floral print fabrics with excellent quality and durability? Check the fabric collection at Rosebery Fabrics and enhance the home decor.

Why should clients choose us?

The fabrics we sell have been tried and tested and used daily for the past 20 years within our bespoke upholstery business. Fabrics are easy to clean, high strength, UV stabilised, waterproofed and anti mildew.

We help our clients find what they are looking for

t is because of this commendable group that we can always help our clients find the upholstery fabrics they are looking for. Our inventory is massive and this is one major reason why we can please them every time they do business with us. We cater to both commercial and residential clients and offer them customised fabric. This includes the likes of the following:

A few things to know about vinyl

The thing with vinyl is that it is a material that most people know little about. One only comes to know about this once they have achieved a degree of proficiency in areas such as home improvement, clothing or arts and crafts. Vinyl comes with several interesting properties that make it a highly desirable fabric for people who are into arts and crafts:
  • It is highly durable
  • It is easy to maintain the material
  • It is waterproof too
  • Bars
  • Event Planners
  • Retail Stores
  • Restaurants
  • People who design their homes and offices themselves

Popular choice for upholstery fabrics

  • We understand the role that such fabric plays in the context of interior decoration
  • We offer our clients the perfect combination of functionality and style
  • When they install our products in their properties, it gives those spaces a new lease of life
  • They can also totally change the way that a property looks and feels

The benefits of vinyl

The waterproof nature of the material is one of its biggest virtues that endear it so much to crafters around the world.

Our products always perform

This is the reason why we have been the most trusted brand in the industry in all these years of our existence.

We save our clients from compromising

When our clients buy marine vinyl fabrics from us, they can be sure that they are never compromising. This is because our products offer the best performance in this range in Australia. We know how much boat owners love and depend on their vehicles. We know it is more of a passion for them than a matter of livelihood. Therefore, we ask people to buy from us --> <!-- so that they do not have to cut corners in critical areas such as quality and performance.
  • water
  • mildew & mould
  • chlorine
These virtues apply to all our marine canvas fabrics.Our clients can clean them easily with materials such as bleach. Most importantly of all, we observe the highest environmental standards while making these products. They can resist fading and UV because we make them from the best materials such as 100% solution-dyed acrylic. We design them in such a way that they can breathe. This helps them resist water.

We are the market leaders

Ever since we started dealing in Sunbrella acrylic canvas we have been the undisputed market leaders. None of our rivals have performed better than us in this regard. There are many reasons why people always think of us for buying such high-performance fabrics:
  • We are a stylish and revolutionary brand
  • We can also assure people that no one else offers more in this regard than what we do
  • Among all the companies selling these products in Australia, we are most committed to performing the best so that we can give our clients the best
  • The sturdy nature of these fabrics makes sure that it is fit for people who want to use it substantially and yet want it to suffer no damage

When our people purchase marine canvas fabrics from us, they can be confident in their investment. Here is why we are so confident in our products:

  • Our products would never fail them in terms of performance
  • We offer products that our clients can use in all kinds of marine vehicles such as ski boats and sailboats as well as yachts with fabrics that symbolise the ultimate luxury in the marine domain.
  • Our products are so good that they offer our clients all the protection their marine vehicles need from the forces of nature.

The qualities that we offer in these products to our clients we have enumerated them as below:

  • We always aim to be the best in the industry for performance fabrics
  • We focus greatly on supplying innovative and creative designs of Sunbrella fabrics
  • We want to make canvas products that are in tune with the lifestyles of the modern era
  • We offer our clients much better quality and a lot more colours for these fabrics than what any other company in the canvas industry can offer
  • Our products are stylish and sophisticated to boot
  • We want to offer our clients a lot more possibilities in these canvas than what they can even ever think of

The appreciation our products have received

For years, people in Australia have always come to us whenever they wanted to buy a Sunbrella canvas. This is especially true for marine and awning applications. It is because of their resistance to many factors like water that can damage fabrics that they have become such a popular option for marine and exterior applications. Of late, we have come up with softer products that have been a hit in upholstery applications. A lot of leading designers in this area have collaborated with us to make these products because they realise their potential. All these factors should show one the genuine quality of our products.
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