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Rosebery Fabrics – The Most Suitable Outdoor Fabrics for Australia

At Rosebery Fabrics we offer the best outdoor and linen upholstery fabrics in Australia. Our products are waterproof. So, our clients can use them easily to cover the likes of patio furniture, outdoor cushions, and pillows.

Following are some highlights of our outdoor fabric products:

  • Our outdoor fabric comes with the best UV (ultraviolet) resistance
  • Our printed outdoor fabric comes in a wide range of colours and styles
  • We also offer some of the best prices in this regard in the country
  • We offer these fabrics in materials such as olefin and woven polyester

Our Fabrics are durable yet beautiful

The fabrics by Rosebery are extra strong, durable and are able to withstand ongoing daily wear and stress, as they are made using heavier weight threads, linen and weaves. These properties make it able to withstand exposure to high temperatures. These are some of the temperature control benefits that Rosebery Fabrics offers:
  • They are UV resistance. Our clients would get the best UV resistance from our acrylic outdoor fabric that can offer a minimum of 2 years of such resistance.
  • They can use such products for furniture that have maximum exposure to the harsh and unforgiving Australian sun.
  • We also offer our clients sling fabrics that they can use if they wish to replace the bottoms and backs of their patio and lawn furniture.
  • Our Linen upholstery fabrics have the outdoor treatment applied to them, so they are ideal for outdoor applications while still holding their delicate, natural appearance.

We offer the best products in terms of quality

When our clients buy outdoor fabrics from us, they can be sure that they are getting the best quality in town. The following are the reasons why:
  • They can easily use our fabrics for various applications, such as chair pads and cushion covers, to name a few
  • We offer fabric products that they can use in all environments such as within the home, in their work areas, and the outdoors
  • We have a fabric design range for all our clients

We offer our clients the best range out there

At Rosebery Fabrics, we offer a wide range of outdoor and linen upholstery fabric for different interior design requirements. The following are some other salient features of our products:
  • We specialise in offering our clients outdoor fabric products that they can use in a variety of applications such as outdoor crafting projects
  • We offer the best designs in our fabrics, such as floral and geometric patterns
  • Our selection is affordable
  • We also offer our clients the best fabric in terms of quality
This is the reason why we always ask people to visit our website and check out our exceptional and excellent range. Basically, we make sure that they get a full return on the money that they invest in us.

Our products are durable with luxurious look

Our outdoor fabrics are the most luxurious that our clients would ever find. The combination is absolutely incredible when one comes to think of it. We offer our clients commercial-quality products. We design them specifically, keeping in mind outdoor living. Despite all this excellence, our products are simple as well. We also offer these fabrics in such colour palettes that they reflect the most natural form of the fabric. Our collection provides our clients with the ultimate comfort, and this is the reason why they go nowhere else.
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