The History of Warwick Fabrics

Tom Warwick, the founder and Group Chairman of Warwick Fabrics went through what most people in their 50’s go through- the dreaded mid-life crisis. In the late 80’s Tom’s dream of sitting in parliament house wasn’t as smooth sailing as he imagined. Wanting to be apart of parliament was a dream, don’t get me wrong, he very was close- surviving a Liberal Party pre-selection ballot with flying colours, but in the 1987 federal election he failed by 1000 votes. In the two years that followed, his upholstery business, Thomas Warwick and Co, made a small loss. It was in 1989 that he came to the realisation that his business was suffering from his preoccupation with politics.

Tom decided it was a better line of work and set up his sales agency for commercial vinyl’s, establishing a business for the local car and furniture industry. With a growth rate of 10-12% a year, his career changed for the better. At the time, London had established itself as a leading country in progressive design, freedom and creativity. A new generation of designers flourished by the post-war economic prosperity. Australia followed Britain’s lead and embraced what is now known as mid century modern design. The design world from interiors and upholstery through to furnishings, fashion and architecture changed significantly.

Tom Warwick, who was born February 11, 1942 died from a head injury at the age of 76. He built what is known today as one of the largest fabric wholesales in the world with branches in Australia, New Zealand, UK and more recently India. Today, his two sons Cameron and Leighton have continued the legacy of running the 50 million dollar company. Today, Warwick does 80% of its business in Australia, 70% of its business in the UK and 20% elsewhere in Europe, Africa and North America.

Over the years, here at Rosebery Fabrics, we have gained experience in the fields of upholstery and textiles. This has allowed us to source and supply a continuous array of fabrics to various individuals and industries. We have been using the fabrics from Warwick fabrics for our personal upholstery projects for years and can wholeheartedly recommend their materials. Our skilled team of creative’s offers genuine advice to our customers, ensuring that the fabric they choose is the right fabric for them. The collection of Warwick fabrics at Rosebery Fabrics keeps up to date with the latest styles and trends in textiles. We know what looks good. Our expertise and knowledge allows us to style interiors and outdoor spaces, which takes pressure off you. With a combination of contrast colours and patterns, our fabric collection from Warwick meets the expectations from everyone who buys them. We sell a range of residential and commercial grade materials including beautiful velvets, heavy weight linens, cottons, wool and outdoor fabric materials. Our collection of versatile fabrics means we can promise innovation and style.

As we always say, “There is no limit to what you can imagine.” Feel free to contact us for further enquiries and we will gladly help you out.


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