Upholstery Fabrics on Sale: Sunbrella and Industrial Canvas for Sale

While you may already be aware of the benefits of purchasing upholstery fabrics from Rosebery Fabrics, you may not know that we offer Sunbrella and industrial canvas at sale prices on a regular basis. Our selection does differ from week to week, so you need to check back on a regular basis. All you need to do is click our ‘Fabrics on Sale’ tab to learn of the current discounted fabrics. For example, if you check right now, we are featuring Sunbrella canvas at sale prices.

About Sunbrella Canvas

Sunbrella canvas is a highly durable marine-quality fabric that is ideal for a wide variety of outdoor uses as well as indoor ones and is manufactured by the Sunbrella Fabrics company. This company strives to create fabrics that are both functional and attractive. It has been doing so since the 1960s. Fabrics of this brand provide high performance for daily use and are fade and UV resistant.

Examples of the Sunbrella Acrylic Canvases That Are on Sale

• Denim Blue & White Stripe is a casual canvas that contains denim blue as the main background colour with thin white stripe periodically for just the right amount of enhancement. Ideal for those drawn to blue in their décor theme.

• Green & White Stripe is a bold choice since the green and white alternate in wide stripe throughout the canvas. This canvas will draw attention wherever you use it.

• Green & Black Stripe is an interesting, attractive combination of several shades of green with thin black stripes as enhancements.

• Hemlock Green & White Stripe showcases the deep hemlock green colour in broad stripes while it includes a narrower white stripe in between them to make this shade a green stand out.

• White With Grey and Blue Stripes is a mixture of wide white stripes and thin grey and blue stripes in an alternating fashion.

We Have Tested All of Our Fabrics Prior to Offering Them

Remember that we have tested our entire line of fabrics in our own bespoke upholstery business over the years to ensure that they are high quality and durable before we sell them in lengths through Rosebery Fabrics. All of our selections are waterproof, UV stabilised, easy to clean, strong, resistant to mildew and rank high according to Martindale Rubs standards.

Contact us or browse through our website to learn additional facts about our Sunbrella, industrial and other fabrics that we sell. If this is your first time buying, you will receive a 10-percent discount on your initial order. Always remember to check which Sunbrella and industrial canvas that we have on sale on a given day.

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